Privacy Policy

We at Only 5 Euros website administration (Referred to as “the website” from this point forward) abide by the regulatory law , within allowed limits, to not disclose any personal information related to subscribers (Like physical address, phone number, email, etc).


We will not exchange, trade or sell that information to any third party within legal limits. The only people who can access such information in normal circumstances would be professional and authorised personnel who run the website.

Liability waiver:

The user consents that they are liable to how they plan to use the website. The website administration is not liable to the furthest extent of the law for any damages, losses, or expenses the customer or any other party might incur as a result of using the website, or failure to use it.


Service outage or service performance issues:

The administration tries their best to ensure and maintain business continuity and the best quality of service. Despite their best efforts, there might be cases where of mistakes, overlooks, delay or complete outage of service are inevitable. In such cases, we expect our customers to be patient while we restore our services to our usual standards.


User accounts, passwords, and data security:


Once a user enters an email for related correspondence and sets a password to create their account, they will be liable for the protection of that information and not sharing or posting that anywhere with no liability on the website or its administration. The user carries sole responsibility for all that they upload or share on our website.


The user can not delete their account nor change the username once created, this is due to the financial entanglements that the account might have and the interactions they might have had with other users that serves as a reference when needed.

The user agrees to only deal with a buyer or a seller they found on the website within the professional boundaries of this website. Failure to complying with that will result in permanent ban for any party involved and forfeit of any balance they had on the website. This also clears the website and its administration of any liabilities that might result from such unauthorised transactions.

With signing up, the user agrees to the terms of use, especially not breaking the law in any way. Including but not limited to, piracy, distributing or posting plagiarised material, deceit, forgery, threatening, harassment, spreading malware and spyware, or posting links that would contain any of those prohibited examples.

It is not allowed to post any services that would infringe copyrights, defame a person, a company or any entity; or violates regulatingcustoms and norm. The user is reminded that they are the sole responsible person for anything posted on their account.

It is absolutely forbidden to use the services of this website for any political reasons. In addition, under no circumstance are users allowed to publish any service that might be targeting any country in any way possible.




Some areas of the website will only be accessible to registered users after signing up with their personal information. The user ensures the completeness and accuracy of data provided at the time of registration and that they won’t log in using another user’s account or impersonate another user. The user also agrees that they would choose an appropriate username. Inappropriate usernames include and are not limited to, phone numbers, names of celebrities, links to websites, explicit terms, etc

The user also agrees to register using one account only. Failure to do so would result in banning all accounts associated with said user.


Content control and censorship:


The administration reserves the right to censor any content uploaded by the user without having to do so. As they won’t be able to view and control all the users’ entries. Hence, they reserve the right to delete, remove, or edit any uploaded material that infringes the terms and conditions of the website without having to seek the approval of the user first.

The contents of this website are protected by local and international copyright rules and international treaties. Hence, by signing up for its services, the user consents to abiding by said rules in any content the post or come across while using its services.




This policy is constantly being updated and improved. Users will be notified each time that happens so they can review them regularly. Please reach out to us should any part of this policy sound ambiguous or erroneous and we thank you very much indeed for helping us succeed and keep our quality of service.


Only 5 Euro Administration