A teaching guide to explain ETABS to students and engineers


This is evidence from my prep. I am the engineer Ahmed Elbaz, in collaboration with engineer Omar Elbaz, of those who wish to learn ETABS.

A comprehensive guide to learning how to design and analyze buildings using software (ETABS) illustrates the steps of designing and analyzing a full project from the beginning to showing the results of design and analysis.

Learning will be done through the practical step-by-step application of a 6-storey construction project with diverse construction elements including:

– Three sections (types) of columns: (Circular/square/rectangle).

– Four types of tiles (Tow-Way Ribbed/One-Way Ribbed/Flat/Drop).

Beams Bridges.

– Shear Wells.

For civil engineering students and engineers wishing to learn software (ETABS), this manual will save time and effort, so that it will start with a clear sequence and show how to handle software tools, shortcuts and commands from the beginning to the end of the design.

– For 5, the PDF manual will be sent as 141 pages.

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