Adjust images of your products + white background to be uploaded to your online store


I’m going to adjust 1,000 images of your products as they were to upload them to your online store or stores on Amazon, Ibay-Chopevay, or give me what product you’re selling and bring you very clear and striking images.

Service provided:

* Improving the appearance of your products

* Color adjustment

* Background change

* Amendment to lights and Vipers

* Rufflexen or Shadow Product Creation

* Scan any abnormalities or defects on images

* Unloading and isolating products

* Modified image size and quality

* Provide any service as requested

* Delivery as PNG-PSD-JPEG

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Either you give it to me, I adjust it, or I bring it to you as you want and I adjust it if you don’t have it in your hands.

It’s best if you have the product at home to give me pictures of the products and a white wall or something to ensure the best outcome.


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