Create an ebay account, start selling on it + Consult whatever you need


Thank you for choosing to create an eBay account, and start selling on it + Consulting whatever you need.

I’ll direct you to create an eBay account, and start selling it as follows:

– 1 Creation of an ebay store account

Input of all data required to complete the account

– 3 make start-up settings

Development: Link the Paypal account to receive the amounts on it (I will not tie the account, I will direct you with the steps so that the privacy of the account remains yours alone)

Development: Your guidance is correct and your guidance is all the rules that must be followed when selling and buying as well.

Development: Start with you from scratch and teach you how to raise, sell and ship products and all that and more.

For those who do not have a paypal account, first create an account and then buy the service.

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