Create Google Models and link them to Google Tables



Google provides a special tool that helps individuals and institutions communicate with the world easily and access data and do their work professionally and effectively. Just tell me what you want to do, and once you fully understand your requirements, I will do a professional job for you that does your work effectively.

* Some of what I can do with Google Form:

– The establishment of a form of school and classroom testing that will make it easier for teachers to communicate with their students and to obtain test results for each student in Excel Chet in an orderly manner.

– Establishment of questionnaires and opinion polls.

– Creation of a Form for access to communication data.

– Establishment of a form for obtaining the views of clients.

– Establishment of a forum for the management of events, events and activities.

– Establishment of a form for reservations or applications.

Just give me your idea and I’ll do it for you in the form of a professional form that achieves your goals.

* * All data collected from the form will be saved in Google Tables or emailed, whichever is best suited for your business.

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I’m here to do your work and make your life easier, so don’t hesitate to ask for service now.


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