Drafting and reviewing contracts of all types


The development of commercial life around us is taking place quickly. This has created modern contracts in various transactions. I am keen to ensure that commercial and social relations continue without future obstacles.

The areas of contracts that I review and formulate include:

(1) Companies

(2) Work

(3) Industrialization and supply

(4) Electronic contracts

(5) Contractors

(6) Division of Inheritance

(7) The Gift

(8) Waiver

(9) Sale

(10) privacy policy and conditions of use for websites, applications and online stores

(11) Site design

The service is available within the Arab Republic of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the State of Kuwait.

We review your contract terms for 5 2 pages.

– Receive from you the contract as available, review and write the notes in word or pdf file and submit them to you.

– A contract drafting service is available in full and sent to you in word or pdf format as needed.

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