Enter and unload data from PDF files or images on Word


Write any files on Word in both Arabic and English accurately and in accordance with the required specifications and compositions

– Coordinate the files on the rose program in a coordinated manner and arranged by page (page frame, page numbering, addition of tables, drawings and images, coordination of content and paragraphs, footnote to references, font size and coloring by main and sub-heading)

– Unloading pdf files 10000 words in Arabic for 5

– Unpack pdf 10000 words per page in English for 5

– Unload 10 images for 5

– Streaming audio files and videos on Word in a coordinated and distinctive manner

– Processing and coordinating books, research and files on Word

– A fast printing course in both Arabic and English, printing 60 words without spelling errors

ICDL Computer Command Course Holder

– 10 years of printing and writing experience on Word

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