Enter Excel File Data to your location at a speed of accuracy every 200 rows for €5


Welcome. Data can be entered into your website from the Excel file to Dash Powder site at maximum speed using professional software tools.

* These tools that do not run on Windows are non-transportable codes and need many software.

* The task is only to give me the Excel File and the Data Hut to enter these products.

Supported formats for these files:

xlsx xlsm xlsb xls xls csv

CMS supported content programs:


Products can be entered into Wocomers – Articles – Pages


Participation can be added without scheduling…

– Obenkart

– Jumla

– Drubal

And most of the other cms and most of the sites used in php.

What data can be entered

– Texts such as:

Address – Description – Price – html Content

– Images

Upload images from Folder by writing the image path in the Excel file – upload an image from an external source if it supports a location as well

– Video

Videos can be added to upload or link if a site like this supports.

The service price is 200 classes in excel for 5€ .

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