Extracting product data from sites and professionally converting Excel


Hey, buddy.

If you own an electronic store, or you want to create a store for all the products, that service is yours.

– Experience, speed, sorting and re-entering product data for sites, and extracting and downloading products from online shopping sites as Excel files as you like.

Re-sorting product data and updating or moving it from the PDF file or images to Excel or any other format you want.

All for 5 for 75 products (extraction, lifting or recount)

Please also read the upgraded services if time allows you to do so.

You can adjust to your file or location at will, so eventually we’re here to do the work well coordinated to be satisfied with the work.

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You’re asked to name the site you want to move the products from or to and within 48 hours everything is finished (if we don’t agree on more details of the work).


– These sites allow data to be extracted from them and the data is available to everyone.

The service should not violate any publisher’s property rights.


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