Financial analysis and project evaluation


We offer 5, blank models for comparative analysis for two consecutive years and two consecutive classes for liquidity, activity and profitability ratios on two pages. In addition, how to prepare a financial report, these are two of the people’s numbers.

For developments, four packages are included: the 1 package, which is the performance measurement package and includes discretionary comparisons.

An analysis of the relationship between asset turnover, sales profit margin and return on assets. Inventory turnover and average customer collection period. Package 2 is a decision assistance package and includes variable cost margin/profit threshold/seatbelt/seatbelt. Package 3 is a liquidity and sol  measurement package and includes: working capital/liquidity ratio/cash flow table analysis. For Mali. Package 4, the company value package: includes analysis of the relationship between the nominal, book and market value of the share/share profit/cash share/return/share price ratio

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