Prepare Axel File with Functions and Interface Using – Excel


The Excel/Microsoft Excel program is one of the most powerful and popular programs in storing, managing and processing stored data in tabular form with many features and tools that are effective in stimulating data validity and others.

Potential possibilities and tasks:

Working with many functions.

– Performing the required operations through functions or programming.

– Dynamic implementation according to data, as well as automatic processes.

– Program the file through the VBA in Visual Basic to perform demand tasks as needed.

– A flexible file that ensures ease of understanding, use and lack of errors through the use of domain naming tools and other possible methods.

Programming of interfaces.

– Many of the tasks that can be discussed during your correspondence to inquire about your request.

For 5, I offer you a one-page file with one task at your request or in one of the following formats as an example:

Table with functions.

Table with chart.

– A single service interface.

– Programming of a particular process through VBA data.

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