Professional drafting of all contract types


Contracts must therefore be drafted by a specialist and a lawyer with sufficient experience to avoid any gaps or errors in which contractors may be involved.

Therefore, in my capacity as counsel, I offer you this service, which is the drafting of all types of contracts in a professional, professional and thorough manner, free of all errors of language or law and in accordance with the laws of the State in which the contract is applied.

So that the contract is complete, the elements and the rights of all parties are preserved.

An example of a contract (a sales contract, an endowment contract, a lease, a partnership contract, a company contract, a company contract, a waiver contract, a business contract, a contract of agreement, a concession contract, a signed programming contract…

There is also a service for drafting terms and conditions for websites and applications.

There is a service for drafting corporate bylaws.

Consultation price 5

The contract is delivered in a word file for possible modification

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