Professional sound commentary in Arabic every 100 words = €5 only


My name is Sameh Fathi Dhulul

Since 2003, many projects have been delivered to ministries, government and YouTube channels, to many entrepreneurs. And with a full assessment… And I’ll guarantee you the safety of the letter exits. And set the language. And ensure that you interact with the text. And diversify in performance as needed.

My expertise:

Documentaries .

Moshen Graphics .

Acoustic representation of cartoon-anime-[ drama-action].

Comment for YouTube channels.

News releases and reports.

Poetic throwing.

Professional voice montage of radio series and the addition of appropriate influences.

The possibility of converting audio commentary into professional visual video – with distinctive visual effects.

* I have a studio at home, and delivery is usually within one to two hours after the project is received by its owner.

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