Professional writing on word 2013 and file format


Professional writing on word 2013, adding graphs, and page format and numbering with the most beautiful fonts and colors.

Make tables and enter data.

Work of technical reports, index and cover.

Make CV for students and alumni.

Convert files from Pdf or Scanner to word in a professional way.

The lectures are whitewashed and coordinated.

Why us?

– Experience of 3 years in the accelerated employment-intensive programme of presentations and report writing

– Specialized in the creation of a different special display as required and the use of the latest design techniques of icons, shapes and templates


– For 5 you get a 5-page file book (size of font 17 and all types of fonts).

– Could convert files to Pdf and post – sale service.

– The file can be modified once and for all after purchase.

Feel free to text us, and we’ll be on your own.


Please send your file after buying


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