Provision of legal services, writing of legal notes and contracts


As a legal adviser and former lawyer, I am pleased to provide you with the following legal services:

1/Legal advice in all matters of law, after examining the issue in all respects and providing legal advice.

2/Write legal notes in all cases convincingly and professionally.

3/Draft contracts of all kinds in a timely manner, preserving the rights of the parties in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4/Drafting of agreements of understanding and negotiations on the subject of the Decade.

5/Draft regulations governing companies, factories and all enterprises.

6/Drafting of contracts of incorporation between the founders of the company.

7/Drafting of user contracts, privacy policy, and streaming policy for websites, applications and stores.

8/Drafting and responding to official letters, letters, requests and all speeches in a professional manner.

I provide all legal services with all matters of law, whether criminal, civil, administrative, personal or other.

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