Statistical analysis and consultations


I’m going to do a descriptive statistical analysis of a single variable showing the number of iterations and percentages with a distinctive graph by SPSS and Excel packages or the programming language and analysis R for 5.

Hypothesis testing:

Honesty and persistence tests.

Association test:

Chi square, odds ratio, relative risk

Test Existence of Relationship: Spearman, Person, Kendall.

Kolmogorv-Smirnov normal test distribution.

Teacher or teacher tests with differences between averages T-test, ANOVA, Wilcoxon, Man Whitney, kruskal Wallis, Restored measurs.

Benomial descent test.

Regression analysis.

I can help you comment on the results.

I will deliver the result of the analysis in Word’s file.

Design and create a questionnaire in Word, Google form or Monkey survey file

Very important note: I don’t accept the request to manipulate data or results.

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