Statistical analysis in all packets every five tests for €5


Statistical Analysis of Data and Questionnaires Service, which includes all statistical tests such as:

Design of paper and electronic questionnaires

Complete results and analysis, as well as honesty and persistence tests

Descriptive statistics such as iterative tables and graph

Descriptive measures such as dispersal measures and centralization (medial, medial and semantic)

Statistical inference equals averages and nostrils test (contrast analysis)

Appropriate data science tests

Performing appropriate models of phenomena (regression models of all kinds, time series models)

Analysis of multiple variables such as general analysis, key component analysis and linear differentiation analysis

All the earlier, together with the interpretation of the results, the writing of the report in Arabic and English, and delivery as soon as possible.

Analysis via minitab-spss-R-excel-e-views-stata-AMOS

Theoretical and applied statistics courses such as university courses and postgraduate studies

Every five tests, including suspension for 5.

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