Statistical analysis of data in different programmes and statistical packages


I can assist in the provision of statistical presentation and analysis of data in various areas (socio-economic, political, medical, while writing the report or appropriate commentary in Arabic or English; Using various statistical tests and tests such as:

– Descriptive statistics (formula – graphs – different descriptive measures, such as average, intermediate and pattern).

– Evidentiary statistics (difference between averages – ANOVA-t-test) and the equivalent of non-scientific tests.

Link Analysis

Simple and multiple linear regression analysis

Simple and multiple regression analysis

Time Series Analysis

Analysis of multiple variables (main element – discriminatory analysis – cluster analysis)

In addition to full questionnaire analysis, master’s and doctoral dissertation analysis

Using statistical analysis tools such as SPSS-Mini tab-Microsoft Excel-STATA-R

It’s got to be 2 tests for 5.

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