Summary and questions for Arabic textbooks 15 pages


Dear client, if you’re a student looking for a summing up of a textbook or a study note, I will, by God’s permission, sum up the course, remove all forms of unjustified stuffing, and organize the subject perfectly so that she can easily review it, if God wishes, and I can organize it in the form of a question, answer, answer, right, error or choice of multiple or whatever form she wants.

* If you are looking to sum up a book, novel, or historical book, the solution exists if God wishes to ask for service and you will find the content of a summary completely free of unsolicited stuffing.

* For service *

* Summing up 15 pages of a textbook or cultural book and summing them up in an attractive and enjoyable way and putting them in a Word file in three pages for 5.

* Special presentations when dealing permanently, if you ask to summarize a full book or a full textbook of several parts.

* 300 words per page.

* Duration of delivery by book size.

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