Summary (books, research, articles)


Summary of books, research and articles:

(Religious, cultural, socio-historical, study)

(Each of the 15 papers, with a total word number of 3750) is summarized in (5 word papers per paper 250 words), as opposed to (5 ). I deliver the summary in the word file in coordination and without error.

My clearance style:

Drawing basic ideas from the core and depth of the text; And then it’s crafted into a new template that has clarity and brevity, less language, easier language, and better order. and the complete preservation of the original meaning of the content, and its underlying ideas, away from any addition or distortion.

The purpose and consequences of my summary:

Output simplified.

Speed of access to key ideas.

Focus on the most important points and benefits.

Preservation of content and without prejudice to content.

Get the benefit with the least effort and the fastest time.

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