Technical and basic analysis of any stock of your choice in the Saudi market


You want to invest in a specific, hesitant stock. Is the time and price okay or not?

Confused if the stock is positive or negative for investment and how much is it worth?

You bought stock and got stuck in the market?

You know how to go out and not wait? And how many targets is your arrow?

I offer you a basic technical analysis of one stock of your choice on the Saudi market (for 5):

– Identify support, resistance and path direction to arrow (up/down)

– Top and bottom on (short term) moment, daily and weekly speculation

and (medium term) monthly investment

and (long term) semi-annual or annual investment.

– Set the share’s goals, the highest price, the lowest price and the movement of its daily price for the next session.

– Identify positive/negative equity for investment and whether it is inflated or not by technical indicators.

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