Translated by All Pharmaceutical Materials


You’re having trouble understanding medical and linguistic terms in the materials of the pharmaceutical kidney?

Now here’s the solution. We’ll work together to get rid of all your problems in not understanding medical and pharmacological terms.

Translation from English to Arabic is within one day, depending on the content and the agreement.

Translated from English to Arabic by Medical Books

Now you can count on me!

I am Islam Faraj who graduated from both the pharmacies, and now I teach to ask medical colleges to a specialized center and help them translate, prepare scientific and academic research, explain and simplify the materials, solve the medical ischems and maps in the following subjects.

Fermacolgi – medicinal plants and pathology – anatomy – biopharmacology – pharmacochemistry – microb 

My job is to help the punctuality of my brothers.

My services translate 250 words of English into Arabic for only 5!


Please send the text you want to translate


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