Translation of 500 words of English for Arabic in all disciplines


I offer you a translation service from English to Arabic, with great professionalism in the following disciplines (engineering, law, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, history, business management, economy, marketing… And others.

I can also do the audio discharge of lectures and interviews in Arabic and English with great precision and appropriate coordination.

– Translate 500 words for 5 and deliver them on the same day.

I’m an English – Arab translator.

I work as a volunteer translator in some institutions.

– Holder of the Chorus Completion Certificate (Language Options for Arabic Media Professionals) from NORTHWESTERN University of Qatar in collaboration with the World Coursera Platform.

– Holder of the Certificate of Completion (Freelance Transfer Court) of the Steps Educational Foundation.

– Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University


Please send the text you want to translate


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