Translation of comics from English into Arabic


I’ll translate whatever comic or comic you want professionally.

The price is 5 for a 600-word translation (approximately 7-10 comics pages).

That includes:

* Take into account the beauty of the wording of sentences and phrases to maintain the flexibility of the dialogues

* Accuracy in translation and excellent selection of phrases and words after taking a quick look at the story

* Translation is completely manual and is far from instantaneous.

* Scripted Arabic without any spelling or grammar error

* Blocking and (disorienting) images and scenes of pornographic nudity while keeping work clean

– There is also a professional technical modification service at a cost of 5 per 10 pages (+ cover) which includes the following:

* Complete remake of the cover in Arabic with any logo on it

* Transport matching font shapes, sound effects designs and technical dialogue balloon effects, however complex

* In short, the page will find itself completely with its ores and designs, but in Arabic so you can feel like reading the original story, not just translating it.


Please send the text you want to translate


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