Vocal commentary in Arabic and English with a feminine voice


I can offer you through this service a special audio commentary.

– Arabic in health

– English with a professional American accent

The dialect.

– Lebanese accent.


– Duplage

It’s never easy to find a professional voice commentator in English who has the voice and presentation style.

– My service is characterized by the fact that I speak Arabic and can provide professional commentary in English, making understanding between me and the buyer easy.

– Through this service, the buyer can share with me the most accurate details he wants if he can’t express them in front of a foreign person.

– I will provide this service at 5 per minute and with high accuracy up to 96 kHz depth at 24 bits.

– There are no sound improvements.

– I can add music or any song you want while commenting.

– I can synchronize my audio commentary with the requested video and with the required duration

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