Writing lyrics and songs for children and adults every €5


– Experience of over 20 years writing poetry, words blossoming in my hands.

– Master’s degree in Arabic from the Islamic University in 2019 with the Honours of Honour and Bachelor of Arabic with the Honours of Honour, first at the Faculty of Arts.

The author of the bond relating to the Prophet was prayed to God and delivered by Hafs’ account of Asim.

– Poet and novelist; I have many releases, participated in international festivals, and won first place in international competitions.

– Worked with a number of publishing houses, foundations, companies, writers and performers.

– The writing of the anthem;

– The soundness of the anthem from linguistic and grammatical errors, with the speed of work.

My relationship to this work is the relationship of the body to the soul, I work with great pleasure, and the secret to my success is that I love what I do, and I belong in paper.

– Each (verse) of the children’s anthem is 5, and the verse is two pieces of poetry, each of which has approximately 3 words.


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