Writing Terms and Conditions


I present to you:

• The drafting of conditions and provisions for all types and forms of websites, applications and stores and all customer mediation policies, including, for example, the following items:

Conditions and provisions, including:

(1) Delivery and description of services

(2) membership requirements

(3) Conditions of employment

(4) Limits of use

(5) Intellectual property

(6) Legal responsibility

(7) Exemption from liability

(8) Amendment of the Convention

(9) Repeal of the Convention

Competence to resolve a dispute

(11) Any additional conditions.


(1) Privacy Policy

(2) Cookies Policy

• E-commerce policy:

(1) Payment

(2) Shipment

(3) Seizure

(4) Cancellation

(5) Replacement



(8) Guarantee

• Prices in Arabic:

Consultancy = 5.

Price per 2 items = 5.

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