Terms and conditions of using the site for only 5 euros

The terms of use change from time to time, and in the event of such changes, the site will only display 5 euros notifications so that the user is aware of them. The user’s continued use of the website for only 5 euros is based on acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as amended from time to time for better service and higher quality. Any violation of this agreement by the customer / subscriber may expose his account to suspension without prior notice and without refunding any amounts in some cases.

The official price for the service

Service rates are only fixed at € 5.

Protect users

  • The management of a site of only 5 euros is obligated to protect the buyer from fraud or not providing him with a service, provided that the correspondence and the whole agreement are included in the request on the site only 5 euros and that it applies all the terms of use and a guarantee page is only 5 euros.
  • In cases of suspension of the account due to a breach or suspicion from an administration of only 5 euros, a site is entitled to only 5 euros to request personal documents, phone numbers, and any information that proves the identity of the user, and then the administration has the right to return the account or continue to stop it according to the information available, knowing that the account information and the avatar are hidden In order to preserve the privacy of the suspended user.
  • By subscribing to only 5 euros, you agree to a signed judgment of only 5 euros in the problems that occur between the seller and the buyer, and neither party has the right to object to a judgment of only 5 euros in the problem in any case, and this provision is fully binding on the parties.
  • The site only requests 5 euros sometimes for personal documents. To prove the identity of the user or to prove the ownership of the payment method used to purchase from the site, and in the event that it is not sent, the site keeps the account with its balance in the state of suspension.
  • The user registered at only 5 euros is obligated to be over the age of 18, and may request only 5 euros for documents proving this if the need arises.
  • In the event that the buyer is not satisfied with the service and the seller is unable to prove what he has done, the buyer must inform technical support and the site will return the amount from the seller in the event that the site management decides to do so.
  • By default, and unless agreed upon by the start of the implementation of the service to the contrary, the buyer owns all intellectual property rights and copyrights for the services he received in only 5 euros. The seller has no right to impose additional rights on the service after the start of its implementation or delivery.
  • Only 5 euros is a market for selling and buying mini-services, the site should not be used as a means of financial transfers (shipment via Paypal or credit card and the purchase of a money transfer service), in such cases the violating requests are canceled and the balance returned to the same method of shipping used.
  • Recovering the amounts paid via PayPal in case of problems is through contacting the technical support of the site only 5 euros by opening a ticket in the help center, it is the shortest and best way to guarantee your rights, and it is not by submitting a complaint to PayPal because it is considered a kind of fraud as long as the user did not submit a complaint Clear for only 5 euros.

Fraud, theft and use of stolen PayPal accounts

Due to the presence of users using PayPal accounts and stolen bank cards to pay, and in the interest of our users’ rights on the site, we will unfortunately cancel these transactions and deduct them from the seller’s account.

The best solution to avoid these situations is not to implement the services in one day, and to wait at least 24 hours, the period during which a notification arrives from PayPal or the payment gateway of a fraud, fraud and theft.

Reasons to suspend the account at only 5 euros

Only 5 euros a site reserves the right to freeze or permanently suspend any account, suspending accounts is due to illegal or inappropriate use of the site’s services.

Users may receive a notification for violating terms and laws or any inappropriate use of the website. The alert is received by the user on the site or via the associated e-mail. The alert does not stop the account activity, but it may lead to permanently suspending the account, depending on the severity of the violation.

Violation of the terms of use of only 5 euros may lead to permanent suspension of the account.

Sellers will be able to withdraw their profits from suspended accounts after a 45-day verification and review security period, starting from the day of the last payment received into their accounts, subject to a signed discretion of only 5 euros. The user is required to provide us with a picture of his personal identity with high accuracy.

  • Any violation of a condition or clause is only 5 euros.
  • Damage to the site only 5 euros or its users by any means.
  • Posting any private information that is not available to anyone other than the user himself in text or pictures, such as messages within the requests between the seller and the buyer, or letters of technical support tickets, and this is a violation of the privacy of only 5 euros and leads to the suspension of the account permanently.
  • Hand over the service and get paid before it is fully implemented.
  • Sending receipt requests to the buyer without fulfilling the order completely and properly.
  • The seller exploits the buyer’s ignorance of the service and attempts to circumvent it or vice versa.
  • Use a stolen Paypal account.
  • Using more than one account
  • Using a stolen credit card to pay.
  • Use the same payment method in more than one account.
  • Request to deal or communicate outside the site for only 5 euros, or to put in contact means such as email or phone, or to perform the service outside the scope of private messages without need.
  • Abuse any other user or entity inside or outside of only € 5 in any way.
  • Attempting to defraud the site for only 5 euros or its users in any way.
  • Acting as a mediator between a seller and a buyer within only 5 euros, so that he receives the amount from the buyer and delivers it himself to the seller, this matter exposes the three accounts to suspension.
  • Register with more than one account on the site, and this displays all user accounts to be suspended.
  • The use of more than one person for the same account, the account is in only 5 euro individually, and the user is obligated upon registration that he is the only one who will use it and that he is responsible for all transactions that take place through it.
  • The account is sold at only 5 euros, and upon discovery of the sale of any account it is immediately suspended with all its balance and no party can benefit from it.
  • Register a young man in the name of a girl or vice versa.
  • Repetition of more than one violation of the terms of the site of only 5 euros, or repeated addition of the user to his means of communication, or services violating.
  • Writing posts or comments on spam in the community is only € 5.
  • Contrary to using messages before purchasing, such as: external communication, promoting services, spamming, inconveniencing the seller, asking about any matter not related to the service being inquired about, exchanging services instead of purchasing.
  • Impersonation of another person.
  • Upload a personal photo for the account that is not for the account holder himself. This includes using pictures of public figures.
  • The seller’s agreement with a user in order to purchase his services for the purpose of evaluation only, and both accounts will be suspended together.
  • Adding the same service more than once.
  • The process of canceling services by the buyer or seller without apparent reason.
  • Registering with a different user name, such as: a harmful name, phone number, email, website address, names that contain the word professional or trusted, specifying the type of services such as a user name such as translation, marketing, design … and any name that may cause confusion or mislead the buyer.
  • For the buyer to request services that violate the terms of only 5 euros, and for the seller to accept that, he exposes the two accounts to suspension.
  • Whoever requests the services of another user in order to evaluate him negatively.
  • Piracy any product and sell it at only 5 euros, or request piracy of any product.
  • It is prohibited to advertise the services and any other content on the website via
  • Using proxy or VPN services to change your real presence information may lead to a partial or complete suspension of the account.
  • Developing or using automated bots to control the account.
  • Development or use of any software for the platform for only 5 euros or for account management.

Prohibited services

The services violating the terms of the site are deleted for only 5 euros, with an alert sent to the user with a message to his e-mail explaining the reason for the refusal of service, knowing that the site is entitled to only 5 euros to delete the service that it deems to be in violation of the conditions without giving a reason for that. The simple rule for providing services: Provide something very clear and specific within a specific period.

  • Very low-quality services.
  • Political services, sectarian.
  • Selling sites, accounts or pages on sites that prevent this, such as: social networks.
  • One time services sold only.
  • Services that violate the laws of countries, and the conditions of other sites related to them.
  • Dredgers for programs, books, and any pirated product or service that violates intellectual property rights, and any sale that takes place is not responsible for only 5 euros, and he can cancel it.
  • Services of subscriptions, charging of credits or creating accounts in games.
  • Financial transfer services such as transferring an amount to a bank account or transferring via Western Union and similar services, services for charging mobile balances, and recharge cards.
  • Online brokerage services.
  • Coupon and voucher services.
  • Completely copied services from other people.
  • Services that are implemented for a very long period of more than a month, such as hosting and buying a domain for a year and others, and the site for only 5 euros cannot provide a guarantee for it.
  • Forex services, hierarchical and network marketing.
  • Hacking and hacking education services.
  • Spam messages: such as sending thousands or millions of e-mails, or sending spam programs and sending mass e-mail …
  • Affiliate marketing services to other sites, advertising profit programs, click-on advertising services, quick profit, or placing links to profit from them within the service in any way.
  • Services that are implemented automatically by programs or websites.
  • Advertising services on sites or pages and accounts that do not meet the acceptance criteria at only 5 euros.
  • Electronic marketing services in illegal ways, such as relying on spam sites, exchange sites and servers, or services that bring visitors, ratings, fans, views, or fake followers, in violation of the terms of use. Like: I added 100 fans, 100 comments …
  • Legal e-marketing services that define the marketing method are accepted, such as advertising campaigns, publishing in accounts …, in the event that the seller does not prove the method of implementing this type of service, the request is canceled, and in the case of complaints about the service, whatever evaluation is obtained is deleted, and if repeated complaints against the seller may lead This will cause his account to be suspended.
  • Ambiguous services such as: I teach you how to such-and-such, the secret to obtaining such-and-such, how to obtain money, fan-selling website services or teaching methods to bring fans, followers, or visitors.
  • Paraphrased essay services.
  • Services that request personal information unnecessarily such as a full name and phone number.
  • Large number of article writing services where these articles are copied, such as adding 100 topics to your site, adding 200 topics to your forum
  • Compulsory openings or affection openings, pop-ups, and annoying ads.
  • Services for getting votes or increasing voting at voting sites, prizes, and others.
  • Services of adding false reviews or reviews for products or services.
  • Fake app downloads or downloads services.
  • Medical services because they cause harm if the service provider is not a doctor and his identity cannot be ascertained, and because a personal examination is the best solution.
  • Services that lead to transaction and payment off-site are only 5 euros.
  • Services of providing virtual or real Visa cards, as well as PayPal activation services and related matters.
  • Services that require sensitive personal information to be implemented, such as full credit card information or the buyer’s bank account.
  • Financial services related to charging a currency
  • Promotional services for a person or a company.
  • Hosting reservation services,
  • Proxy- VPN services.
  • Services that harm the site only 5 euros or its users directly or indirectly.

Service violations

In the event that the service contains a violation of the terms of use, the seller can correct it. The service is temporarily rejected and a message is sent to the seller specifying the violation and enabling him to amend it and fix the violation.

  • Unspecified services. As an essay writing service without word count for € 5
  • Services over 5 euros are not allowed at only 5 euros.
  • A service with a period contrary to the description, for example you submit an advertisement for a month. The execution period must be one month. The button to submit the request is not pressed until after the period has passed.
  • Completely inconspicuous services, which contain unclear words in the title such as “for a limited time” “+ gift”, use decorations in the title or description of the service.
  • Services in which the description has been repeated several times to fill the void.
  • Use special characters, symbols, and spaces in the title of the service. Or exaggerate it in the description.
  • The image of the service or its business models contain the logos of companies or institutions or any entities that include government institutions, a platform for only 5 euros.
  • The service contains an infringing image, a poor-quality image, or a video that violates the conditions of only 5 euros.
  • The service contains means of communication or a request for them even if they are in the field of instructions.
  • Request to purchase the service more than once so that the buyer can get additional offers instead of using service developments

These conditions are subject to permanent change and development, and subscribers must review these policies periodically. If you notice any ambiguous part or error in the details of this policy, please alert us to that, and we thank everyone who will contribute with us to the development of the site.